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March 13, 2020

February 12, 2020

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December 7, 2019

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Reflections in the moonlight

August 7, 2017

I'm completing a reflective report tonight and I'd like to share with you few quotes.

Q: - How have you changed? 

A: - I think i’m feeling much more confident in what i can realize. In Italy i went through a hard moment and i felt that i was not good enough in doing things.  

I’ve been supported by some friends but it was not enough. They still continued to see me as someone who was not there anymore. 

When you face a crisis you firstly want to cure the wounds and then you need time to recognize the opportunities that each crisis can brings to you. I needed some free space.

I wanted to change life because there was a big difference between my previous job, what it represented to me at that time and my real values.

I remember this fire, it has always been there like a desire to do something, to gain skills in order to help people. I always had this feeling of injustice and sorrow around me. 

So i made a decision. Yoga and massages are really really powerful.

Through this intense year I’ve found a greater connection with my body and my feelings. I’ve noticed how much pain can be stored in specific areas of the body. And with great surprise, how much space the yoga practice can create in those areas. This feeling of freedom has probably changed some mental patterns. I will see in the next months how much I have changed. 

Q: - What was your greatest insight? 

A: - I finally think that i can do something. That i can bring value by helping people. When the other person feels good, i feel great as well. If you want to change your life you can. Like Obama would says…Yes we can!

So the greatest insight maybe are the words TRUST and LOVE. 

In Australia people give you the chance to do things, to develop your skills and competencies.

I'm not sure if it can happens in Italy...but the magic words are TRUST and LOVE.

We will see...otherwise the world is big enough :-)






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