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March 13, 2020

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December 7, 2019

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2.500 Hearts

August 10, 2017

I’ve just ended another beautiful day doing massages. 

Today it was the last massage in Byron Bay. But it was not the least one. 

I will never forget  the beautiful palm trees in front of the massage room. 

The blue sky behind them with few white clouds.

In these years of studying and working I’ve been doing almost 2.500 massages. 

Most of them were for free during the training in Sydney, many others as exchange. 

That was a very hard year with a lot of sacrifices.

At the beginning of the training I didn't know nobody and I had to challenge myself by putting me out of the comfort zone.

The course was really intense with many hours of studying and practice with real clients since the first weeks.

Then after a while I started a collaboration with a chiropractor and then I started working  by myself. 

I treated so many different clients: friends, soccer and rugby players, tennis players, runners, business people with neck and shoulders injuries, elderly people with lower back pain, sciatica etc…

I had the opportunity to follow and to help people before and after races and sport competitions.

I helped people with sleeping disorders, migraines, anxiety and depression.

All this amount of real experience on the field gave me the chance to develop a deep understanding of the human body. However the learning path is a never ending story.

I love the duality of the human body: its perfection and its fragility at the same time.

We tend to store a lot of emotions in our muscles and joints even though we are not aware of them.

I’m always surprised when I notice how much tension is stored in the muscles.

Sometimes it requires more effort to get some result and I believe that many of our imbalances are caused by daily habits, either mental and physical.

Every treatment is unique and unrepeatable like the person that is receiving the massage. 

I strongly believe in an holistic approach because our mind, our feelings are not separated from our body. 

I go to sleep tonight with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude to all those people, to all of those 2.500 hearts that have received a massage from me.

Thank you all.


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